The Inauguration

Written by: ilene bauer

Obama made a super speech;
Beyonce nailed her notes.
Michelle and her two daughters
Looked amazing in their coats.

“America the Beautiful,”
Though not my favorite choice,
Sounded soulful and affecting
Lilted in James Taylor’s voice.

The glamour crowd – ex-Presidents
And Justices Supreme,
Combined with all the average folk,
Reflecting on the theme:

America united!
For we’ll make the greatest strides
When all people join together,
Though we come from different sides.

That point was made poetically – 
Of course, the perfect way – 
In Richard Blanco’s masterpiece
Entitled “One Today.”

With universal imagery
To which we could relate,
His poem expanded on the message
Of the Chief of State.

For if you want your speech to soar,
You can’t just status-quo it;
The trick is searching ‘til you find
A clever, brilliant poet.