This we share

Written by: even flow

There's a part of you thats seldom seen
that's always been and always will.
It's still, it's sure, it doesn't want more,
It understands what kindness is for
and why everything must change
in this seemingly deranged unfolding
so that the love you are holding can be set free.
It understands me
which is more than I do
but I recognise and worship the divinity within you.
Godly but oddly grounded,
all fears unfounded, well rounded.
Every second welcomed regardless of content
or how a day's meant to be.
Please allow me to humbly greet you.
My head below yours says I am honoured to meet you.
No other way to treat you
and this divine line that winds its way through your being,
all knowing and all seeing
knows it flows through every soul
and bows it's head in turn below.
No judgement or scale
and nothing for sale.