Written by: Robert Mayy

On the recovery bed
Oh so forlorn but full of hope
As they gather round all so sad
To pay tribute to the not yet dead
For I am comatose
My life in suspension, for those who know
I can feel no pain, but I can hear the sounds
On another realm , I do reside
But to others I am heaven bound
What a thing to know the truth?
As they gather to pay their tributes
And I listening to every word

I heard them tell embellished lies
Their catty talk, and anguished cries
Garnishing truths with full effect
Singing praises, offering regrets
Neither could I cry or even sigh
As they filed pass my carcass
Walking  on by.

I heard the tributes that were made
Laughing inside, at the things they said
Bidding me farewell, buts thats a lie
I am right here , I need no lullaby

I was taken to heavens door
Soaring on high, on the wings of angels
But I was not really sure
Whether to forsake earthly things

Oh, what contradiction when my nemesis
Extol my virtues, and paid a tribute
Was it just a curious visit?
Or a triumphant dance, couldn't resist

And I heard you, that good old dear
When you knelt in prayer, express your fear
That repentance had passed me by
Saving for a miracle, she must try

And I heard you spill my secrets
You swore to me , never to reveal
Is it because you think Iam dead
My fears now a reality, even before I rest my head

Who are you to buy my casket?
But I am aware of my hands and nose
You may think I am dead
I am simply laying, comatose

Is it true that drunks tell no lies
Nor does time move in reverse
But if you want to trick and fool the wise
Just pretend, you are comatose.