Drink Deeply

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

Each word reveals some small part
who I am 
who I wish to be
Places I have been
Not just trips I have taken
The parts of my mind still waiting to be discovered
The potential of me
The times I soar
The pits I sometimes fall into
Dreams that make no sense to others
Why do I pick up this pen?
Why reveal myself to strangers?
I thrive on connections
strangers become friends
Words string together Hearts
Fabric is formed
A community of dreamers
Together we meet at the well of inspiration
Drink deeply
Let the words satiate you
Add your portion
Give and take what you need
Together we breath in unison
One heart with mutiple chambers
Each different and connected
Thathump, Thathump, Thathump

Inspired by Harry Horseman's poem "in Your Poems"