Response to Poetry Response

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

You are making sound yet I strain to hear
reflecting back words with a broken mirror

All I can see is a distorted smile
It will improve when you live for a while

I don't know you at all we haven't met
Tricks aren't Magic they're a deceptive net

Happy to join you in palace or shack
dining like a King or eating a Big Mac

Like you I have been in and out of Love
True love now fits me like a custom glove

Only we can choose what will fall apart
Words can be strings that connect the heart

I have been rewritten many a time
reconstituted almost line by line

Poetry is helplful but it doesn't set me free
it is another way that helps me to see

Response to Abdul Malik's "Poetry Response". If you read my "Poetry" poem
then Malik's "Poetry Response" this will make more sense.