Where, When, How, Why, What

Written by: Leonora Galinta

Before the dark obscures the sky, I sat gloomily looking out of the window, wondering why wishing one of the stars tonight will glide and send you smiles right here in my heart: a feeling that cannot deny creeping worries and gloom-----sinking to the bones of my fear, I close my eyes, hope and pray. Here, my heart trembles, fear of the unknown ghost of formidable weather in the origin, and what a pal humbly does, not to close the jar spills the ink, not to count the molecules on air if possible, pull down all the stars above all in her wish you’re at best right where you are. More thoughts of you, in succession comes lighting the pent-torch in search of love ones my echoes traverse, emotion balances: still, the fleck spreads out and runs in a glut sacred novena uncontrollably flooded since the start my ranging gloom. However, excitement of our plans await scribbling countless words….I wish my break swiftly comes on its wings ink profusely flows releasing conglomerations of feelings outpouring all the words from a pal’s warmest embrace dream once dreamt printed on my hymn: the pledge and the joys how we shared once through pen light and happiness: worries no more The power of ink, words unfold surge and drifts away as my fingers open a glint of hope, I’m waiting
Jan. 21, 2012 Nette, my dear poet friend and very talented kababayan come back home now, please. This poem which I hardly tried to write with the inspiration of one of your super winning poems is not primarily for the contest; (‘though I’m entering it) but, for me to send all my warmest thoughts of you. We’re missing you now here on soup. I hope you're doing well and hope to see you soon. Third Place Contest: Netted by Words: Her Silvered, Tender Web Judged: 2/19/2013 Sponsor: Poet Cyndi Macmillan