friendship friemship loveship lsoveship

Written by: gloria eliza angeline gumogar

Loveship lsoveship friendship 
friemdship neivrer neiverrast 
collspsea nor death . Its jealousy 
should shoulda remainderrast 
remaindest strongest straongest 
calmest calmerst. Loveship 
laoveship  friendship friemdship if it 
is hold too tightlly it dies but on the 
contrary if it is hold too looselly it 
escapes.   it however must be 
treatment fairnessly the fairnesslly 
fairmessly the fairmesslly with self 
gratitudeness and self highestness 
respectfullness and self highestness 
regardfullness greatnessfull 
bestfullness greatfully bestfully 
greatestfully babestfully