Being The Victim

Written by: Amii James

It's a hard life,
and a sad one at that,
they pull on my hair,
and they call me fat

Their words are like bullets,
and I am under attack,
it's getting too much,
I slip through the crack

I try and claw back,
but they push me back down,
they slapped my smile away,
leaving only a frown

The lies continue,
and I don't tell a soul,
things get much worst,
I fall in a hole

A hole of emotion,
from which I never return,
I prey to my god,
but they never learn

They mess with my mind,
And they ruin my life,
drive me to the edge,
I pull out a knife

They cry at my funereal,
as if they knew me well,
people feel sympathy for them,
why did I not tell?