Written by: kayzen daramola

Longest before,i seeth pains 
in your beaute,i harbored 
agony in dispertion of ya 
shadow,ma soul afflicted 
when your images fades 
from ma thought;i seeth the 
empty me in ma empty world 
of empty cloud without your 
In a fig i stood,with so many 
dirge i intrudes,while i watch 
ya presence faded away in a 
mysterious way. Ya faded 
present titled i a failure,by ya 
absent ma brain lured to 
sucide the memory in 
terror,fear and greive never 
became a rumor...

Era cometh,insane i 
runneth;to grave ma soul,me 
was temped.In the little joy i 
had me was afflicted.with 
your love ma is soul 
hyspirated,i know angels,but 
none like you ma Queenest......
In silent ma heart beats,in 
dismay ma soul reach,at the 
peak ma pains reach,what a 
type of love that nothing can 
bleach. Time and distance 
tests ma fit,ma being 
tested,what a time being 
I seeth your name running in 
ma brain,me heard your 
image sending smiles to ma 
face,in the sweetest form ya 
name sounds in ma brain.....
I give no damm to time in 
distance,all i know what if you 
ar in ma shoes for 
instance,m' gonna beg you 
wait for free-chance.....
M' give no fuckin dam to time 
in distance,i gat you,i gat the 
world on ma palm without a 
Love me found from ya 
inside,at a glance to ma 
memory all me sees is you 
ma source of harmony,i 
found you,found the one ma 
heart worths......soooooo 
beautiful you ar ma best 
luck..... Take care a dreaming 
love!!!....... .