My Paradise

Written by: kerry singleton

The sky is clear, not a cloud in sight
The birds cherp among the tree's
I sit at the edge of the shore
Waves are rolling inn, the sun is warm but the breeze is cool
As I look way out I see nothing but sea
So big so blue
My favourite place to be, as I dig my toes into the golden sand
So peaceful the serenity is surreal
In the distance I see a couple with their dog
I smile for the dog, he is loved & happy
This is my paradise a place I call home
All my thoughts swim in this ocean, 
All my feelings, all my questions roll of the waves
Being here give's me a moment to clear my weary world
There's no judgement no worry 
Life is just what it is & like the ocean
It can be calm, rough, high & low
Ever changing as it flows.