God, You are so powerful

Written by: Toquyen Harrell

God I am sitting here realizing the magnitude of your power
God you have millions and millions of people in this world
And you take care of every single one of us
Each with a unique set of problems 
And you come up with each a solution 
You arrange things 
You order things to appear in the order that you want it
Each individualized for each person
You think ahead of time
And know what needs to be done first
How can You do that God?
How can Your power to do all that?
It’s awesome God
It’s beyond unbelievable
And we don’t think it
We thought that everything happens by chance
By our own doing
But you are doing it
All for all of us
Do we know that God?
Or do we sit here groaning
At the occurrence of chance?
Or do we give You glory
And let it rest on You?
The Solution Maker
The Inventive Helper
The Magnificent Arranger
In charge
And at work
For your seedlings
Who you see scatter throughout the earth
That need You
You with Your compassionate eyes
Watching over 
And take care of business
Our business
Do we give You glory enough God?
Praises enough?
To magnify You
The Incredible 
Glorious You
Help us Lord
To bring happiness to Your heart
To have a smile on Your beautiful face
When You look upon us
Love you Father
Dynamite You