A Valentine's Romance

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

A Valentine’s Romance They met one another on Valentine’s Day Many years have passed since then Still he remembers to bring her a beautiful bouquet While she remembers to send him his chocolates that he’ll eat to no end A Valentine’s romance That placed two hearts in a trance Each Valentine Day, tears can’t help but come into her eyes How lucky she knows, to have met a heart so full of love And he endlessly smiles as he feels so mesmerized About A Valentine’s Romance and what it became of How precious a love can be when two hearts ignite Sending sparks of happiness and joy to what a heart has felt Never to stop the flame from burning every day and night Making a love so hot that it makes anything cold begin to melt Another year has gone by, yes it’s true Still they both hold each other tight safe from harm For they both know their love will continue Up in heaven someday, in the presence of God’s arms Contest: Any Valentine's Poem Sponsor: PD By: Gail Doyle