In Fog and Mist

Written by: David Whalen

The spectral glow of a lantern bobbing As if tossed upon a stormy sea Appearing..then fading anon, absorbed In foggy essence, to fade again so feebly Once more, ere sinking in finality Into the quicksand of mist Mere glow of candle, so dear to see Seen now…then not,…with capricious twist The spectral light, drifts through the night As a ghost through fog and mist Through ribs of rain, the tremulous light Chills the brain, befogs the sight Dimly lit, by lanterns in the mist Dark clouds upon the soul this night Fog is the dark abode of lost souls Who wander without rest with lantern high The mist, the breath, of hollow death The fog, the food , on which to subsist Tis best my friend, not to be, nor ne’r to see…. The glow in the fog and mist UNSUPPORTED CODE