Written by: jeffry cohan


                   BRIEF BELIEF 

I no longer believe in believing
I do, however, believe in grieving
I cannot dodge the grievousness of grief
And that’s why I don’t believe in belief

I don’t believe in belief anymore
For me believing has become a bore
It’s a chore I no longer participate in
And each belief only made me anticipate sin

It’s a sin what believing has done to me
I once believed in a lover who would run to me
Instead they come and then run right past me
And that’s why I find believing so ghastly

Misbegotten belief was there to naughtily denigrate me
And believing was born only to haughtily hate me
It harbors in its heart a hatred that causes palpable pain
Ergo I no longer wait to see what belief will ordain 

So don’t ask me to believe in hopes or dreams
Because believe me, belief is not what it seems
My only certainty is that love is adept at deceiving
And that’s why I don’t believe in believing
    © 2012   copyright PHREEPOETREE…..~free cee!~