Written by: Romeo Della Valle

Time is passing by rapidly
While I still think of you
But guess what, my darling:
“Nothing lasts forever”
And soon you will be replaced
Within my heart and mind!
I have a strong feeling!

A new sunshine
Shall brighten my every day,
No more becoming a victim
Of your silly game!
You do not deserve
To carry my honest name!
You shall be completely buried
Along with my turbulent past!

If by accident, we meet again,
You, still carrying a fake smile
In your now weary face
And me, still brokenhearted,
Please, do me a favor,
Walk away once and for all,
Since there is no more pain
That my heart and mind can resist!
Walk away and find another fool
To play your silly game with!
Have a nice day!

Romeo Della Valle
All rights reserved-2010
New York City