Missing You

Written by: Mia K

I miss you so much
I miss our talks
I miss our jokes
I miss your hug
I miss your hand touch
I deeply miss your smile
I miss all in you
that one day was mine
and now I can not find..

I even do miss our silly fights
That used to show me
how much you truly mean to me
being so in my life, preciously..
I miss yout lift in me, ups
I miss the world
when with you everything was fine 
I simply do miss
everything in you and with you..

Since the moment you left me all alone,
turned your back
leaving me with no clue
since then...
The sky is no longer blue,
my nights are  only lit by the moon
and not YOU..
everything sounds off mood
I do not feel the beauty of life..

I know Ido exist
but as a body, when its soul just left

Trust me when I saw you
I do not care how awesome by my self, I can stand
but it means everything to me
of how truly I am awesome
when you are with me...

Oh man..

I truly do miss you..