dual madness

Written by: andrew delapruch

endless pursuit 
through the depths of
the deep blue nights
raining moonlight down
upon all the failures that
conglomerate & make 
themselves blatantly known
within the horrors of damaging
nightmares, these which
make the body sweat &
run in place, whilst still 
laying down---
endless pursuit of someone
else who might know the
barrel of failures to be dumped
upon the consciousness 
nightly, who might have
walked through the depths of
the deep blue, who might have 
attempted to end their own lives, 
who might have beaten someone 
to a bloody pulp, who might 
walk with a thousand terrible deeds 
committed, just under the skin---
the endless pursuit of someone
who just may accept the same
utter meaninglessness of the
endless pursuit to begin with.