Good night

Written by: Kerrie Sursely

The way I feel is sad the way it 
sounds outside
My heart is roaring in anger
My hands won't let go of your 
I'm fighting to keep you near 
me your lips pressed against 
any part of me
You belong to me and I wont 
give your love away
I hold you dear to my heart and 
kiss your soul when your not 
Listen closely to the sound of 
the wind against your window 
as you sleep
The sounds you hear are my 
lyrics I sing
I love you my angel
My lyrics hit like pain upon ur 
pane of the window that cast a 
shadow through the cold room 
u dream in
Don't worry my angel I will 
surround your shakes & shivers 
by a blanket that I once 
covered myself in as I kissed it 
with many "I love yous!"
Goodnight my lyric goodnight 
my angel!
Xoxo goodnight with love,