His secret

Written by: Kerrie Sursely

In tears his body frozen a still
He whispered "A secret for you
I must, if you will"?

His eyes possessed by fire & 
For this...no one must hear!

A vision a Goddess you must 
A blinding aura...
Your sweet scent washes over 

Your eyes of seduction green 
they shine...
My dear angel,
You are not broken, just 

An explanation for you I'm 
Afraid not...
Tortured has been my soul,
To live without you I fear I 

A gift I thought? Or feared it 
could be,
A demon sent to test and 
Break me!

Lifeless I am - desire a loss
With no care for what this may 

A shift in their attentions
A love was built to comfort- to 

Covered in a blanket by a world 
To busy to see...
The forces of nature were sent 
To make this be!

In this restraint "I will not say 
My dear goddess...
May I kiss you & melt into your 

The angel's silence had finally
Been broken...
Her aura sang words never
Meant to have been spoken!

I am now yours as you had 
This to be...
"My Dear, Your kiss is 
everywhere &
Only where I want to be set 

There it was as if her senses 
Could see-in his kiss...
Invisible melodic images burst 
From the trees!