Oh President of State

Written by: Daljit Khankhana

Oh'President of State, you understood the value of a weapon, I've a salute.
A weapon message of death, cruelty, tyranny taken place in school killings,
your soul wept out, incident compelled me to identify the running pollute.

State hired most of the brain of societies to produce weapon to supply,
my land combat three times with my neighbour; state tanks 'd big cry,
killed million, raped thousands, orphan crippled poverty cursed no lie.

politician forced youngsters to fight with other nations they 're stranger,
they killed them as an enemy, language, boundary and race was dumb,
you experienced 1st and 2nd World War and Vietnam, served as Ranger.

you waste natural resources to invent or test a formulae to sweep human,
Living a different standard, opposed policies and condemned pain service,
 you taken a benefit of your growth to stop others with an intellect ban.

Is Muslim has brain, exploited them, 're terrorist killed million brothers?
Islam compelled children to suicide to achieve heaven as a martyre slot,
women 're raped no God appeared on earth to aid them who bothers.

Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria as Vietnam known American blood grown up,
New shots touched thorns kissed sun - rays, wind smiled on  bird's crop,
State support them as a poor nation that developed nation has exchange,
Oh' President of State, I salute that you touch the burn of fire for peace range.