Winnie the Pooh and I

Written by: George Zamalea

We walked along a well-stuffed path,
Winnie the Pooh and I.
We admired to watch a grasshopper and a cricket play
And most of their time jump up to catch mountainous flies.

We crossed a stream on flowery shore
To reach the other side;
For what is where all every kind of habitant from mountains
To rain forests as well as our friends of valley too.

Winnie the Pooh and I saw the familiar faces
And some are even unwelcome guests in our home;
They saw us and ran and gathered around us with their best manner they could.

We found jokes and laughers too
We looked at each one and we found beside them new friends.

Among the most extraordinary are walkingsticks and earwigs,
To watch them seriously Winnie the Pooh and I couldn’t;
We tapped our mouths while all of them looked at us.

Now there was no time to be serious but to laugh and having fun
Because Robert was coming with cookies and a jar of honey as well;
We sat down and glanced down at Robert who was ready to tell us his last adventure.