Petals Over the Wind

Written by: shirlyn ledesma

Petals over the wind 

Misty morning light up the world again

The smell of cool wind embraces my chest

Striking colour of red and white trapped me 

Wondering how they become almost perfect 

I sat down on the grass above the earth 

Unseen atmosphere calling those petals

Living me curious if I can go with them

Circling me around, suddenly I’m in dreamland 

Wind and petals where dancing harmoniously 

Singing birds harmonize with every beat they make

As they follow the current of the stream, they mingle 

Laughing while I watch it I felt like drowning 

From that moment I abruptly realize

Unseen happiness can never be blissful as you thought

Like the invisible wind calling those petals to make happy moments

Going to a place where they can bring delight to somebody