Celebration of Saint Patrick's Day

Written by: Connie Gildersleeve

Thousands will don the colour green.
A celebration for all who are Irish,
'Or Not', parades, many good cheers,
And of course a pint of green beer.
Irish soda bread and lamb, green bean stew,
Completes the Irish celebration and feast.

Bellies full of food and drink, a dare is called,
"Let's find the treasure of the leprechaun."
A mystical and clever elf with pointed ears,
Turned up toes, and clad in green and red.
He enjoys partaking in mischief, it is said.
As the legend goes, he stores away coins of gold.
Before he's ever captured by any human at all,
Magic powers he'd use to vanish in a blink of an eye.
All hopes of finding the pot of gold would be lost.
"Look near the misty stream in hollows of the trees."
One fellow yelled out and the others all followed.

It's 'The Luck O' The Irish' as they say in Ireland.
Dreamers and love that's always the Irish's way.
Especially on Saint Paddy's Day even if the elf got away.

For Isaiah Zerbst's contest, "Irish Poem"