No Way Out

Written by: nana ayisha yakubu

Dad was mad at me, again
He hit me
I was used to it
I closed my eyes
And remembered the cyanide bottle
Sitting quietly behind the kitchen cupboard
I offered to make tea

I walked into the kitchen
And came back sometime later
Humming a tune
With a cup of steaming tea
He snarled at me
He never liked his tea steaming
He knew I knew that
And so made me drink it
And stomped into the kitchen
To get his own tea

I sat down on his chair
Waiting for the screams
There it came, strongly
I didn’t kill him
I was just a little careless
With the cyanide
And it dropped in the other teacups
All of them but mine
No matter which one he chose
Today will be the last time 
He will ever hit me

When the screams were over
I turned up the gas
And pushed his lighted cigarette 
Under the sofa near the Christmas tree
And went for a walk.