Devils sun to Devils son

Written by: Drakavai the Wordsmith

Devils sun to Devils son
Blazing sun beads of sweat run down my face
Drowning in my thirst the desert sand burdens
On the edge of sanity is where I fell from grace
Insistent to survive and to relinquish forbidden
Daunting wind breaks the skin fevered despair
Wallowing in regret the memories devastating
Haunting truths my legacy now left in disrepair
Liquid fire her blood to these veins invigorating
Eternal gift within guise the soul is bewildered
Trickery befell me anxious for blind retribution
Her offering left me swoon the plot is delivered
Withering eternity lingers under this devils sun
Fighting the hunger redemption is my affliction
Crawling through scolding sand utterly defiant
Her blood the plot now my hero guided bastion
Vengeful spirit driving my resolve as ever reliant
Revelation with mingled death now enlightens
Clawing down embracing sand my wickedness
Delving deeper cool black my horizon widens
Stamina for survival blood revived agelessness
Healing to waiting locked in dream it has begun
Plotting the paths for my new lover vengeance
Allied by time bloodless creatures this devils son
Her blood now driving my avenging deliverance