Written by: olusegun Arowolo

Shivering as I put my hands into my pockets,even with
the thick gloves worn on the hands,it was as if they are
naked.I wonder when I`m going to get use to this weather?.
I`m freezing as I stand beside my friend,watching him putting 
on his snow-board.My body is perforated like wire gauze as
cold breeze saunters in and out at will with impunity.My hair
follicles stretched out.Tired of staying in this open `deep freezer`;
so I reach for my whisky and gulp it down like a thirsty Camel from
the Sahara.I wonder,how some people cope?;"different strokes
for different folks";as I gaze at two couples cuddling and moulding
a man with ice,just like the Potter.And two kids skiing beautifully
with tremendous dexterity.
My eyes became clearer as the alcohol diffuses into my blood stream
and warm sensation vibrates through my body.

ice falls from sky
as I watch lovers play--
snow-man stands

The rooms have to be heated,yet some are still trapped and frozen.
This is my second experience,the first time,I did not leave my room
for days,because I came from the tropical rain forest where ice don`t
fall from the sky.Here the whole ground is covered with ice and painted
white,even rivers and streams.But this time around,they did not allow
me to stay in isolation at home.Suddenly,Jane touched me and I jerk
back to the present to partially forget my predicament,and to see
Fred ski-jump and glide with expertise.Winter Olympic medal is 
a sure bet for him.

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