The Promise

Written by: Charmaine Chircop

The sun left the sky
as I lay on the sand
with a three diamond ring
resting cold in my hand
I lay in the place
where I once wrote your name
till soft ripples of waves
wafted on shore
and washed it away
I can still see you there
whisperin in my ear
and beneath a half moon
I can still freeze the time
in the shadow of your tear 
I remember that night
our arms in embrace
I saw love in your eyes
and mourn on your face
I remember those lights
as the ship sailed at bay
I remember our dream
built on castles of clay
I remember your voice
getting lost in the mist
Years of wait your return
these lips still unkissed
I wonder if your fingertips
remember my hair
If in your late serene sleep
you imagine me there?
Or have you forgotten
a promise we shared
through cheap perfume of women
does this heart go unheard?