Flexible Flier

Written by: craig cornish

I ran, carrying my sled at my side and leapt into the air, pulling it under me as I flew.  For a split second there was no sound but it wasn't silent, my young mind was too filled with emotion to hear silence.  They called it "Suicide Hill", a steep and winding path with trees lurking close to the path and guarding every corner.

smiling boys climb
a steep white hillside--
red sled

My chest hit the deck and I caught my breath with no time for doubt as I screamed down the icy slope.  Cold wind tears filled my eyes.  The trees raced by and I squinted to clear my vision.  In what seemed like a second it was over, and the only sound that echoed was a racing heartbeat.

Craig Cornish
Jan. 19, 2013 for Debbies Haibun Contest