If You Die In An Elevator

Written by: Jack Ellison

If you happen to die in an elevator Be sure to push “UP” fore you go I know a man who surely panicked Pushed “DOWN”, wound up down below Tried to explain to Satan what happened Pushed the “DOWN” button by mistake The Pearly Gates was where he wanted to go Begged Satan to give him a break Said he always had lived an exemplary life Was kind and generous most times He once stole some candy from a baby though But he's tried to put that behind “Sorry,” said Satan, “I've got hold of you now Won't let you out of my sight My rules down here are strict and quite simple You pay for your sins forthright!” “But what if I can guarantee a special treat?” “What are you offering, my friend?” “A night of passion with Kim Kardashian” On his way to Heaven he did wend! © Jack Ellison 2013