Separate Roads

Written by: Michael Smith

Dusty clouds are isolation 
Confusion obstructs my view
As I travel back roads in lonesome 
Searching for the missing clues

Long ago we became separations
Worlds away by barbed-wire offences
I need to be back within your presence
To the much greener grass of our past oasis 

Although, with every try you set up failure
You think I should be kept locked in contempt
Getting hung up upon the daily razors
But life without you I can never accept

Shut out, hours, months and years ago
Love is not dead yet, this I know...
I must get to you and the other side
For I saw, what the future holds...still you and I

The long divided road
For the shortest while I could bear
But, now the burden is an overload
As I travel back into the wilds of despair

But now, I see new horizons where boundaries blur 
And my heart overflows with something long forgotten 
Stretching out my arms to you once more
And through the wires I make attempts, more and more often 

If there were nothing there and then my back I'd turn
To the broken road of pits and painless
But, mind cries carry on into yonder 
Please, wife why won't you pull me through regardless

Of our frozen moments into complications
Where internal needing never dies
Praying for a miracle or a simple kind of elation
Of some love what's left, just to give us one more try

If you would dance with me in raindrops of every second chances
Waiting to fall from off your ever distant eyes
Like the Spring showers that cleanse away past sins
Washing in forgiveness, as you pull me through so once again... I could be standing at your side