The Lesson of Fire

Written by: Joshua Torres

Trying to find the right words to say, 
Something to ease my dismay. 
I feel like going and getting you back, 
But if I do so, it will only cause trouble, so I will give you some slack. 

Brave you were to leave with no attention to change.
Not even leaving a note to explain to my worrisome brain. 
The uncertainty of your choice and thoughts were so swift. 
Like a stick caught in a rushing river, persuaded by the rift. 

I want to fight to make sure you return.
But for some, the lesson of fire can only be learned, 
By the touch of heat and the sting of the burn. 
Was this the outcome you desired when you gave your plan a churn? 

But patiently I will wait and not fret or fight. 
Because a lesson you will learn at end of this plight.
For the worst of times always feels like a never ending night,
But soon the sun will return and it will make everything right.