Let me in

Written by: paige simone

Let me in 
Let me in so healing can happen. 
for you and for me, let me in so that the world we're used to can end and a new one may begin. 
Let me in so you may change my views on how being alone is better than the wholeness i feel when your near. 
change my heart so that i may be open to the beauty in this world and so i can accept myself for letting my vulnerabilities show. 

Let me in so i may bring out the colors in your person. 
So that we may be a ribbon in the sky, decored with all the colors of this world and all the vibrance that lays on the other side for us.
Let me in so the breaths i take may be reviving with the life i feel when i belong to you.
Let it fill me with the passion and let it fill you with hope.

Yes hope that we dont have to be alone and face the world and the other worlds with the idea that loneliness is what is waiting for us.
Cause i been waiting for you and I know you been waiting for something to prove to you the difference between the past and what your future will hold. 

The difference isnt me but the equation of us. The subject in total is that, with the addition of me, the us that can come out will in essence be the realness we both been dreaming of.

Let me in so i may be completed and you may be healed.
Let me in so we may prove to each other that there is still realness in this world.