For Love 20

Written by: Gina Young

u dont love me anymore
so i had to change ur name on the computer screen
no longer my love
now just another guy
another one who sees me as an ideal
but i am not as u want me to be
so i let u go
sign out of all my accounts
i will say goodbye 
before u get the chance again
i have nothing without u
so this is nothing to u
and u will forget my face and my voice 
my laugh and the heat my body held for u
this is what i want for u
to be absent of my love and happy
i forfeit all my dreams to u
i give up on that life we wanted
ill make today a little easier for u
and save u the disappointment that i am...
yes im gonna miss u
but ive got a whole world waiting
to see me undressed
and that will be enough day by day
yes im still in love with u
but u dont feel that way anymore
so i leave u to ur freedom and ur busy life
and i say goodbye, to my love