For Love 15

Written by: Gina Young

u cant really know me
so if i gave u a snapshot to show u exactly what u need to know
it would be;
me, naked and bleeding from 7 cuts, smoking and crying.
i laugh sometimes too.
i only do it to prove
that i feel
the razors edge
and what could u say to this?
ive left a mess u never wanted
and i tangled u up strings
but u get the oceans to hide behind
im all laid out here
bare-assed and ashamed of myself
its been 3 days since i ate
and u still dont love me enough
ive been here sleeping on ur schedule
and bored in between
so ive been wandering 
with knives in hand
ive been here living on ur time
and lonely in between
take me one more time
before u leave forever
the photograph is evidence
i am below the waves 
and u ride high and steady
and im drowning in u