For Love 14

Written by: Gina Young

love, i keep reading our old words
hoping they will materialize into u
lover, my body is tired from overuse
but my honey still drips for u
sweet love, i watch the time pass
and seconds melt away like ice cream on hot summer days...time barely moves
my dear lover, i wait on my knees, kneeling on glass
and every cut represents one thing i love of u
my love, u tolerate my destructions
u put up with my faults, disregard my flaws, see past the ugly i cant get through
my only one, how did u get here, so deeply embedded into my spirit
i am sewn together only with ur words of love and i pray my burden isnt enough to break u
my sweet prince, ur kindness and intelligence are what turn me on so much
the eyes u give me, asking for my face instead of my body...i am totally yours from now until forever
my love, i would give anything, i would do anything, i would go anywhere
to feel ur face, kiss ur lips, be inside of ur arms at night...i am hoping i dont wake from this dream