For Love 12

Written by: Gina Young

how could you love me?
ive shown u every broken piece
do u not wonder?
what lies beneath the need?
how can u care for a careless girl?
i shut myself out of this world,
i barred the doors and vowed to never fall again
and still u come back to my door?
dont u see?
i have nothing to offer, no life left inside
i was ruined in a far away place by someone who doesnt matter
but dont u see?
he left nothing for u, took the heart right out of me
and replaced it with a rusting clock
all my parts are made of scrap material, i gathered along the way
and u couldnt possibly want any part of this?
how could u love me?
u came in on the ship to me with my thighs slit open
dripping with regret, and dreadful eyes i couldnt even focus on ur face
how could u love this girl?
i wish ur love could heal me and seal up all the wounds
i dont wanna push and pull and fight this feeling
but i will if u stay
u cant love me, not in this lifetime....