For Love 9

Written by: Gina Young

everything i have ever wanted is right here with me
and so far away
my every dream fulfilled and my heart is complete
and so far away
tears are the same as words...looking in ur eyes
a happy cry, and a cry of longing
its all one big mess..a perfect disaster
my whole life has been made for this
ive never ached for something so bad
my blood running hot and wild
i cant stand ur eyes on me now
im about to burst into flames
the very thing my body was made for
so far away
my whole spirit and my name
so far away
i allow the music to take the place of u in this bed
and i lay my head down and close my eyes
but i get replays of love and lust and connections so unbreakable
sleep will come slowly, as i slip away...everytime i look for u
my sleep guardian and sweet lover
so far away
my blanket in this cold, my hot hot heart
so far away
i will wander alone..streets and cities and every step calls for u
restless i will be waiting as patient as possible
counting my steps and the stars and the leaves as they fall
and the heartbeats between our meetings
u and ur body and ur heart and soul and hands
so far away
me and my love and my body and my dreams
are so so far away