My 2013 New Years Resolution

Written by: SillyBilly theKidster

For my 2013 New Years Resolution
I'm going to lawfully and legally purchase myself a gun.
I've never been pro or con regarding guns.
I've always remained very indifferent towards them.
I'm not buying a gun because I feel that I need protection,
and I don't have a sudden interest in gun target shooting.
Hell, I'm not even going to purchase any ammunition,
and I'm not starting a hobby for gun collecting.
I just want my name to be counted among gun registration
so that our leaders will know that they are dealing  
with one more good and responsible armed citizen.
I'm purchasing a gun to protect my U S Constitution
and show my support for upholding our second amendment.
Our right to keep and bare arms was not established so much for our protection
from wild animals or from the common criminal element,
it was established to protect us from the over throw of our government
by they elected who do not truly The People represent.
"In Order For One To Conquer A Nation,
One Must First Disarm The Nation's Citizens."
Adolph Hitler said that, but I'm paraphrasing him.
Disarming Our Nation's Citizens
Will Be Our Ultimate Damnation.
It would be far too great of a temptation
for the powers that be who seek world domination,
and if you think that present day powerful fascists of major corporations
on a quest to attain complete and total world domination 
is a far fetched ridiculous, inconceivable notion,
well then you are thinking exactly 
how the powers that be 
want you to continue thinking.
Lawfully and legally purchase yourself a gun
for your 2013 New Years Resolution.
It's a peaceful and non violent way to protest Washington.
If more guns get purchased legally by the bulk of the population
massive public pressure will then be imposed upon the leaders of our nation
and will send a powerful message as to where we all stand 
regarding our support in upholding our Second Amendment.
This however is only a suggestion
to all of you who are frustrated soliciting and circulating worthless petitions
to the deaf ears in Washington and continue accomplishing absolutely nothing.
Buy A Gun To Defend Our U S Constitution.
Even guns can be used in peacful, non violent grass roots revolutions.