I Am Your Shield

Written by: Toheeb Tiamiyu

You've been a help,
You've heard my call.
You've lifted my soul
And gifted me whole.

A blessing you are
And rare to find.
You are like the star
Which cometh to help at night
And follows the moon
When the work is done.

You've been a friend
From whom I have learnt.
How intelligent would I be
If I never had you in me.

Listen to me now
I will replay every debt
Of I this unworthy friend.

When its time for war,
Even against the world,
Call me to join
And I shall suit up
For that 'friends clarion call'

Not a sword can I use,
Nor a gun can I shoot.
So, I have nothing to give,
But then I'll be your shield.

Once against you the earth talks,
Hold my hands, we'll stand tall.
When the chair breaks his back,
Lean on me, I will be your back.

As we march forth to greatness,
Be not nervous
For I am your shield.