Improvement Team

Written by: harry horsman

They came to us
from out of the Mangere mist,
players upon the corporate stage,
phantoms masked with permanent
smiles, till the truth was
standardized and filed.
Behind the mask a
different shade, protean shadows
of indecency, when one’s breath
impeded with wry words of complexity,
perfidious overtones, transcribed from
Babel tongues.
Life now to be in constant overdrive,
no recognition anymore of habitual
culture, elementary concepts.
No more the perpetual dawn
created in the east, the veil of
obscurity, annihilating one’s
fundamental perception of life,
when day becomes night and
night as day.
Yet to facilitate the confusion,
it is now the corporation fun
begins, their greed our need
will see all wants to play!!

© Harry J Horsman 2013