Mermaid Tears

Written by: Connie Gildersleeve

Mermaids weathered many crossings
Along side the schooners on the seas.
Even though they could calm the waves,
They were completely forbidden to do so
By Neptune the very stern God of the sea.

Turbulent waves and winds, sails ripping,
And masts cracking, a captain fought hard
To keep his schooner from total destruction.
One mermaid loved this captain from afar.
In an instant she calmed the winds and waves.
Changing the course of nature saving his life.

Neptune banished her to the ocean depth.
Never to surface or swim with ships again.
Sobbing, she was sentenced for eternity.
To this day her bright luminous salty tears
Wash upon the sandy beaches as sea glass.
Treasures of eternal reminder of true love.

For Mystic Rose's contest, " Fantasy, Fantasy, Fantasy"
(Inspired by Neptune God of the Sea)