-Inner Thoughts

Written by: Tyree Ratlieff

Restless nights of me thinking about the good times we always have...I love to hear you when you laugh...your like my aunt that always made me smile rest in peace on her great behalf...when I think of you my world just become so perfect...so far from basic...your heart is tied to me like elastic..when we kiss I know I will feel the static...shock from our kiss...your lips sweeter then a hersheys bliss...I can't wait till that faithful day that your on my wrist...the day when nothing else matter and the day is filled with our laughter..as we walk to the alter...hand and hand...and my heart has finally land..coming far from the galaxy...where your bright smile led me home nice and safe you see...our love is like a rock..hard and unbreakable..the love you show me is just so remarkable..our bond is so untouchable..when we hold each other and kiss its so loveable..no one can ever come above you in my life...not just because I pray your my future wife...its because when I'm with you I'm going to be all right...like how I hold your body nice and tight...the love I have for you is brighter then a crystal light...the moon light...our love will glide like a kite even if its the middle of the night...you will always be in my sight...I will never go blind because your so fine...very divine...so glad that your mine...-Tyree Thaddeus Ratlieff