Written by: Tyree Ratlieff

The feelings are so strong...they have came so fast and it hasn't been that long..they will be forever far from gone...when I hear your voice it reminds me of a love song..tell me right now if my feelings are wrong..your gracious smile that reach farther then the Nile...surpasses more than a mile...eyes dark brown and round..reminds me of the sun..so bright and joyful...the wonderful smile upon your face is so beautiful...so many words to describe you but it will be a list full..the blissful laugh that you always have...you are indeed my princess none the less because you are the best that will also be on the path to success...your life so full of light like recess...I really hope this could be something serious..I feel a strong sense...of love...maybe something that we can be more and above floating higher than a dove...could this be the four letter word love? -Tyree Thaddeus Ratlieff III