Doomed Century

Written by: Nsah Mala

TWENTY thousand years after the Lamb.
New nocturnal pulpits here and there,
While He said be united in His name.
Deliverance from misery and maladies,
We now preach. No more poor in spirit?
Abortion, woman-woman, nakedness…we now decree.
No more Sodom and Gomorrah?

FIRST class terror we do implant.
Big tycoons, big bombs; little Afro-Asians, no guns
Because peace is white and terror is black.
Friendly tyrants are free to reign.
You key your country inwards? Beware their bombs.
But they rescued Tripolians! Then, no road to Syria?
After all, wary-farms must be watered;
Terror flames must be fanned;
Otherwise, no business in weaponry.

CENTURY of doom! Faithless, heartless, hopeless Century!
Quake, clash, crash, wreck…here and there!
Coup, riot, strike, mutiny…here and there!
Hear Ozone crying! No yields from Denmark?
I hear AIDS’ troops harking victims to pieces.
Boom, boom, boom, boom…everywhere. Opium! Opium!
Opium in religious sacks! “Musa and John are One”, we must know.
Let’s all kneel before the Lamb
Because every second we are doomed!
Best punctuation of this century? Question mark?

(Published in CHAINING FREEDOM, 2012)