Beasts on Two Legs

Written by: Nsah Mala

I heard a cry,

A lad of four bled

After having quenched

Her Dad's libidinal thirst

I saw the door open,

Brother and sister walked out,

Adam's forbidden apple having been eaten

As instructed in the blood-house of money

In New York I heard a cry,

Woman was on woman

While man and man got glowed

In the vastness of democracy and human rights

From Yaounde down to Abuja,

I saw exposed human breasts, stomachs

And laps in clothes made for whores

In lands where emancipation is madness

By 2035 while Camkingdom rises to shine,

Breasts shall hang out, our Mums shall go naked,

Eliminating unborns as ordained in Macputu... We are beasts on two legs!

(Published in CHAINING FREEDOM, 2012)