Human With Unlimited Muse,

Written by: Yanny Widjanarko

The inspirations domain into your very soul
Verses lay as the main thoughts of the console
Every moments recorded as the treasures of your word
Prestige left the fingerprints on your precious keyboard

The repetitions of day and night as well as vice versa is not a constraint
Each breath taken sent the muse to the brain which you ready to obtain
Your coverage was huge, infinity like the skyline
Love, cliche and dark were the appetite of your kind

Living as the super man in muse
Conquer the insight, live to perform ahead the audience as a perfect boost
Amazed the connoisseurs by the masterpiece of yours
You innocently made people addicted without any tricks or even force

We as the audience of your world
Seduced by the charm of your swirl
You are prince in the kingdom of your sheets
We are lulled by the chant of your beats

Inspired by Richard Lamoureux, the person who always enlighten through the bonfire of his muse and giving warmth to the people surround :D