Belivers And Non Believers

Written by: Lucilla Carrillo

In our world today, we live in a lot of controversy. We have belivers and non believers. They are so many different Religions. Some believe in God and some don't. Fortunately, we live in a Country, that has freedom of Religion. We are given that right. there are believers that believe God and Christ His son. There are also the non believers, that don't believe in God. They are Atheists, but they are not Devil worshipers. Some people go through life, just not believing in anything. Worship GOD, HIS SON and the HOLY SPIRIT, if that is what you believe in. Worship in whatever your heart guides you. Don't worship in a false, or forced Denomination, which is what is happening today. The non belivers can continue to worship, false ICONS and scrap the TEN COMMANMENTS, but that will not deter us from worshiping GOD, from being our LORD and SAVIOR... Copyright: By Lucilla M. Carrillo