just another song from my closet

Written by: priti bhosale

Looking back at the road I’ve been
trying to search my foot prints in
but they have been rubbed
but they have been smudged
and now am lost

I search a little harder
so I see them on the sides
and everything comes up to me
like a flashback in front of my eyes
all the times I thought I was being wise
and now am lost

I hate this feeling tat am in
it hurts, it aches
n I got nothing to put at stake
n the words of wisdom prick like a pin

everything tat seemed right turned wrong
everything tat seemed wrong turned right
now at the dawn of the dusk of my life
I only have one wish of turning back time

I have lost my mind
I have lost my soul
somebody help me am lost to the core

am slipping outta my own hands
its been a month am wearing the same old pants
aimlessly wandering on the road I’ve been
trying to search my footprints in.