enroute to electoral defeat

Written by: chipepo lwele

I call upon my fellow leaders to know that there can only 
 be one winner in an election,
and the rest contenders risk losing the elections__
Even after losing the elections,you must learn to love one another 
 and live your life as if you were a winner.
I was the commander- in -chief of the armed forces and I could
 have disputed the outcome of elections and endangered the 
 lives of my countrymen__ into a blood civil war.
After losing the elections as an incumbent president,some compatriots 
called me a coward for accepting defeat!
Therefore,I urge my fellow leaders still serving as presidents to emulate
 my decision of accepting defeat and to realise that even after losing 
presidency you wil still live a dignified life.

chipepo lwele
*To Rupiah Banda the former president of the Republic of Zambia.
   Term of office 2008-2011.Long Live Rupiah Bwezani Banda,Long Live Zambia.