We English know aren't poets

Written by: Peter Dorr

On the Beeb this morning, on the flagship radio news show, that the grocer's daughter

always listened to but didn't like at all, the National Poet of 'Land of Song' sang the 

praises of an American poet who now wears the laurel of that Un-American American 

so justly admired for his poetry if not his politics, giving me the urge to enquire, why do 

not we English, full eighty-five percent of the population of this kingdom of the sea, like 

the other nations of divided Britannia, do not have a National Poet, on grounds of 


I could bore you with a long list of the great, good, indifferent, and poor like and unlike 

me of the poets of old Albion and this New England, ours and the world's poet the Bard 

of Stratford - Super Avon. And while we are about it, what about having the Cross of 

Saint George flown on public buildings as the Saltire of Scotland and the Red Dragon of 

Cymru? As for Red Hand of Ulster, and its other flag disputes that seem this side of the 

water to almost make us want to puke - well - words do not fail me!

One day, perhaps, we will have our own Parliament back, as it and the States General 

of the northern Netherlands were the only ones to stand for Liberty against Europe's 

tyrants all. 

Are these dreams walking or nightmares stalking ?